Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Old Post From Xanga- 11/17/07

My Kinda Cook
I'm just getting a feel for this new pair of shoes
The shoes that bring good smells into the house
And new tastes that put a smile on your face
Someday I have dreams of being the perfect housewife
Cooking up storms
But I am just now testing the water
Getting my feet wet with melted butter and cream anglaise
I'm the kinda cook that has to watch what she's doing
Or I'm liable to add too much butter, too little water
I'm the kinda cook that thinks most bake recipes taste better as dough
I'm the kinda cook that can never stick to the way a recipe is written
And has to add my own spice, veggies, or other thing that makes it oh-so-much-better
I'm the kind of cook that thinks any kind of soft dessert is better after being frozen
...more like ice cream!
I'm the kinda cook that gets worried if something goes wrong
Gets giddy if something works right
The kind that hoards recipes until that "someday" when I will attempt it
I am a cook that may be like you...may be like the top chef inside
Who just wants to put a smile on your face and something yummy in the tummy
Things That Have and Have Not Worked

-Experimenting with food is great but when baking do not change oil content...I added peanut butter to a normal brownie recipe and ruined it...they were hard and tasted awful
-Do not use unsweetened baking chocolate for chocolate chip cookies....the dough is yummy but not when baked
- when making cookies, watch ingredients CAREFULLY for rum raisin oatmeal cookies I put twice as much butter and though the dough was yummy...they turned out as flat as pancakes and tasted too much like butter
- with crock pots...make sure they work and don't burn the curry
-Cabernet Marinara sauce with frsh cooked veggies (and or meat) added is delicious over pasta
- Pumpkin stew with rice was awesome (a recipe from Emril live Halloween cookoff)
- mixed berry cobbler/coffee cake was very yummy
- lemon poppyseed cake layered with lilikoi butter was good...a little too lemony though
-even though i added too much butter, dark rum soaked raisins add a yummy twist to oatmeal raisin cookies
- Mom's curry recipe with sherry is good and can be salvaged even if burned and lumpy
- various stir frys of vegetables work well....
- home made steak marinades (ketchup, bbq sauce, steak sauce, wostershire, and spices) and bbq sauce on broiled steak is great
- stuffing is yummy when chopped apples, raisins, and celery is added in

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