Monday, March 5, 2007

Anna Miller's -Old Xanga Post 10/16/06

Anna Miller's 24 Hour Restaurant

Okay, so yesterday was traumatic....and I hope the eggs in my fridge aren't spoiled. We had an earthquake and power was out until 1am this morning so we went out to eat. Because I had heard so much about Anna Millers strawberry pie, I wanted to go there...and that area had power while we didn't.

Sorry for no pictures, but in the midst of tragedy, I didn't think to bring my camera.

The best part of this restaurant was the atmosphere. The inside was decorated with a 'country style' painted designs above the windows that reminded me or swedish designs. The waitress' outfits were cute but a little short (they all seemed to be tugging the fabric down so it would cover more) and reminded me of a mix between a bar maid and a german hillside country girl.

I ordered a side of soup which was corn chowder and a chicken salad stuffed tomato on salad with cornbread. My fiance had the steak and eggs..scrambled with hashbrowns.

The soup and cornbread came out first and they were steaming hot...I loved it, since it was raining outside I was a little cold. The soup was good, but a little watery for my tastes...when I have chowder I like it thick. The cornbread was pretty good and the soup came with a roll which was also hot and very yummy dipped in the soup.

The chicken salad was piled high in a tomato sliced longways from the top but was attached at the bottom so it opened like a flower. I liked this idea a lot. The chicken salad was overall good with pieces of celery mixed in, but I think they could have used a little less mayo. Underneath the tomato was a heaping bowl of generic iceberg lettuce salad with shredded carrots garnished with one hard boiled egg cut in half and a small sliver of cucumber. The salad was to say the least...dissapointing. The pieces of lettuce were browning and had brown 'old spots' on most pieces, I honestly could have gotten a better salad for a dollar at Mcdonalds. But by this time I was full and didn't really care, so I didn't eat it.
My fiances food was what he paid for. The whole plate came out to 11 dollars so the steak was pretty chewy and had a large slice of fat attached to it. It was also pretty dry so he drowned it with A-1 sauce. He said the flavor reminded him of the steaks he would get out in 'the field' in the military...which honestly to me doesn't sound very appetizing. The eggs were average and I think the best part of his meal was the hash browns which were 'just the way he liked it'.

Much to our dissappointment, the strawberry pie wasn't in season, so we got a piece of cherry pie to go. The bill was pretty pricey when it all came down to it, a little over 30 dollars. We had noticed that the pie was somewhere around $3.25 for one slice and as we were leaving, much to our dismay we discovered we could have gotten a whole pie (5 more pieces) for just 5 more dollars!

When we were home and not as stuffed, we had the pie which was very good but was a pretty small piece for what we paid for. Will we go back? Maybe once the strawberry pie comes back in season.


Pomai said...

Anna Miller's has been there for such a long time. Last time I've been there was decades ago, but folks who mentioned recently going had favorable experiences.

My friend said Bravo, the Italian restaurant below them are pretty good too.

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