Monday, March 5, 2007

Mexican Cinna Crisps

Mexican Cinna-Crisps

I tried this recipe I saw as I was standing in line to check out at a grocery turned out great though next time I might use a different oil...or maybe light butter to make it healthier.
Cinnamonsugar (or you could make your own...I used premade and added splenda and cinnamon)
Nutmeg to flavor
tortillas (I used two whole wheat tortillas)
Olive oil
1. This is just an appetizer so you can tailor the recipe to however you want. Turn stove on med/med-high and put some oil in a medium frying pan/skillet
2. tear up tortillas into chip size and one pan is at optimum heat (the 'chips' sizzle and spat when they go in the oil) put about 7 'chips in the oil of the pan.
3. Let each 'chip' cook for about 2 minutes or until crispy and toasty colored then flip to the other side.
4. Once done with that batch you may need to put more oil in for the rest of the 'chips' and repeat until you have crispy torilla chips.
5. in a ziploc baggie add all the powdered ingredients and shake to mix, then put the cooled tortilla chips in the bag and shake to coat them with the cinnamon mixture.
6. when all is coated and sparkling with flavor...enjoy! You have your own version of Taco Bell cinnamon twists!
*note: This is good for tortillas that are left over or expired after the shelf date, or the ones which edges have gotten hard in the fridge. You can also coat them with a cocoa mixture, cheese mixture, spice mixture, or just use them as you would any tortilla chips for dipping or on top of other recipes!*

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