Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hello World!

Yes I am breaking out of the Xanga shell I have been in since god-knows-when...into a bigger, and better place! I am a groupie, not just a food and wine groupie, but a people groupie and I want to share my thoughts and eats with more people and I want to discover other's food blog as well, so that is why I have migrated. I was currently known by few on xanga as, quizdasaige, but I am now remember where I am!

I have become a self proclaimed foodie and wine-afficionado since the middle of this past summer. I had always loved food before, and eating out, and alcohol, but until then I hadn't made it my goal to seek out new, interesting, and excellent cuisine. Also this fall I became chef extrodinaire (not really, but I attempted) as I plowed through hundreds of dinner, snack, and dessert recipes, teachin myself how to cook, and being plesantly suprised at the tastes and responses from others I got. For Thanksgiving I gave out rocky road squares, for christmas I tried 12 different cookie recipes and gave them as gifts, and just recently I made 3 different kinds of chocolate truffles as Valentines for my friends. I have now become addicted to The Food Channel and various other foodie blogs I read, I pour over pages of local newspapers for recipes and restaurant reviews, and its seems I cannot get enough of my newly-found passion. A few things do stand in my way and make it hard for me to live the lush life I could, my never ending quest for a thin and shapely body (I am not naturally thin like those lucky asians), and my college student budget.

So sit back, relax, and let you tummy rumble with hunger as you partake of this blog. I hope to entertain and inform you of new recipes, eateries, and anything thing else that strikes my food-bone silly. I will post up in the next few days my past posts from Xanga (I don't want those to go to waste), but soon I will be posting current places and menus I have tried. So look out, here I come.


Pomai said...

Howzit Anuhea,

Congratulations on your new baby, The Cuis-Zine. Nice name.

We all need to eat on a daily basis, and blogging about it is really fun if you enjoy both aspects of that. Eating and Writing.

I make it a point to provide as many photos as possible, as a picture tells a thousand words , as they say. With that, I make it a point (and shoot), to bring my trusty Canon PowerShot Digital Camera with me wherever I dine. It's a compact point and shoot, that does really well with food that's sitting right in front of me... especially macro shots.

I'm still practicing on getting better shots WITHOUT the use of the flash, as they look more professional, but in some restaurants that are too dark, it's impossible.

Another thing you may encounter are places that may not welcome photography (such as retail grocery stores), so when in doubt, always ask a MANAGER first before taking out the camera.

Anyway, best wishes on your new food blog and I'll make it a point to stop on regularly to see (and comment) what's happening here.

Much Aloha and All the Best!
The Tasty Island

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